Laboratory Inspection

Spectrum Thermal Processing has a full service metallography lab in-house for certifying hardness on the following scales:

  • Knoop
  • Vickers
  • Rockwell A, B, C
  • Superficial scales 15N, 30N, 45N, and 15T

We can also convert hardness readings per ASTM E140 to other scales such as Brinell. This allows unique advantages; have a requirement that would result in a dent on a finished part? We can read the part on a lighter scale with negligible effects on the surface finish!

Have small parts or geometry that do not lend themselves to macrohardness testing? Microhardness mounting can be used to stabilize the parts and make testing easy.

Mounting isn't limited to microhardness testing, here we used it to allow for macrohardness testing on spherical parts.

hardness tester   hardness tester
Two of our hardness testers at the ready.

Microhardness testing in progress.