Quenching Options

Spectrum Thermal Processing supports many different cooling rates depending on the material and process. Our heat controlled oil quenching options are all encapsulated within vacuum chambers. This protects parts from ever contacting air during the quench process. Our oil quench baths are temperature controlled and tested for cooling efficacy to ensure consistent results.

For situations where surface condition is critical you can also take advantage of our high pressure gas quenching technology. Utilizing pressure vessels with high velocity clean nitrogen gas we can achieve cooling rates comparable to that of oil quenching, but where the parts come out looking as pristine as they did going in. Gas quenching is ideal for thin walled or high surface area parts. With gas quenching there's no need for subsequent cleaning operations; the parts are immediately ready for the next operation!

oil quench bath
A view of one of our vacuum oil quench baths. The oil churns constantly to ensure even thermal distribution.