Spectrum Thermal Processing specializes in atmosphere control. We provide clean, inert gas atmospheres such as nitrogen and argon as well as reducing hydrogen atmospheres that can actively clean dirty parts. We also provide surface enhancement through various active atmospheres. 

Nitrided parts
Components after nitriding

Our other specialty is vacuum processing. Half of our furnaces operate at vacuum down to less than 1 Torr, which enhances the cleanliness of processes and provides more opportunities to prevent surface contamination. We also feature high-vacuum processing utilizing diffusion pumping systems that can achieve vacuum down as low as 10-5 Torr for ultra-clean applications.

clean parts vs. discolored parts
Clean, bright parts processed in protective atmosphere vs. typical heat treating discoloration

Selective carburization is possible thanks to masking techniques such as copper plating; the free carbon only bonds with the unmasked surfaces allowing for the hardening of specific detail geometry.

Copper masked parts for carburizing.