Spectrum Thermal Processing


Vacuum BrazingVacuum Brazing
We provide batch vacuum brazing with high temperatures up to 2150°F. We process in both batch and continuous furnaces. Spectrum utilizes high purity argon and nitrogen for back filling and quenching. Spectrum Thermal Processing routinely brazes components for the Aerospace, Medical, Military and Petroleum/Chemical Industries.
Vacuum Oil QuenchingVacuum Oil Quenching
Vacuum integral oil quenching is a specialty at Spectrum Thermal Processing. In addition to the hardening Spectrum provides deep freezing as well as air, atmosphere and vacuum tempering of your products.
Surface Enhancement: Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing, Gas NitridingSurface Enhancement: Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing, Gas Nitriding
Spectrum can improve the surface performance of steel components by gas Nitriding or Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing. Spectrum can also ferritic nitrocarburize. We have invested considerable resources in developing these processes and are intimately familiar with how to manipulate the processing parameters to achieve your quality requirements.
Vacuum Aging and Atmosphere AgingVacuum Aging and Atmosphere Aging
We can help with assembling and fixturing requirements for your parts. This department also includes three bell type furnaces for aging, tempering, low temperature brazing and soldering. Numerous air furnaces and a deep freeze unit round out the department.
Vacuum Pressure Quenching & Vacuum Gas QuenchingVacuum Pressure Quenching & Vacuum Gas Quenching
Spectrum Thermal Processing utilizes pressure quenching furnaces using 2 and 6 bar pressure, gases are nitrogen 2 and 6 bar and argon at 2 bar.